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Happy Here

May 17, 2022 Terrilyn Minnifield Episode 19
The Resilient Living Podcast
Happy Here
Show Notes

We are creative beings. So often, we get in our own way to be an extension of the gifts that are in our heart and soul. The conversation is a motivating, refreshing look at our happiness and the simple gifts that make up our creativity.

Dr. Sharenda Roam Beal is a professor, author, wife, mom and a great friend. She is cultivator of freedom and lives out the confidence of her relationship with God. Sharenda is a free spirit that wants to have fun. We talked about her new book, Here, A Happy Book about Existence. This book is available on Amazon and Audible. You can also find Dr. Sharenda at 

Our conversation picks up the details that outline Sharenda's resilience and her "practice" to overcome the challenges of life. It is important to know your triggers. It is important to know your emotional strength. It is important to take control of your thoughts and make your actions move you into joy. It is possible and this conversation will give you a better perspective of what is available for you. Sharenda talks about imagination and her process to get to the destination of freedom in who she is. That same destination is available for you. 

This is a real conversation. These are real talking points that can make the difference for you or someone that you share this with. Happiness! Success! Acceptance!! What does that look like for you? This episode will open your mind and guide you to your next steps.Happy is what we make it!  

This show is about you - the listener and how you perceive the experiences you have. I am excited for you to get involved and share your story.

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