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More Than Pilates

January 17, 2024 Terrilyn Minnifield Episode 88
The Resilient Living Podcast
More Than Pilates
Show Notes

I have the awesome opportunity to sit down and talk with Vanessa Kelly, the founder of Function Pilates. I met Vanessa over 5 years ago when I attended a class purchased on Groupon. I fell in love with Pilates and fell in love with all aspects of her studio. Vanessa has customized every aspect of her Pilates empire and developed a well-rounded approach to wellness and health. Our conversation is not just about Pilates; it is about the hard worker that Vanessa has always been and the relentless focus she has to recreate and design her workspace as a place of growth. Vanessa is a single mom of two little girls. 

Her daughters are watching their mom develop as a leader and businesswoman every day. In the episode, we talk about her passion for doing business her way and the wisdom to apply what she continues to learn as her business model grows. In the past five years,  Vanessa has developed Certified Teacher Training, a successful YouTube channel, and expanded her studios in Arizona. We all love a winning story.  Vanessa gives us one to cheer for!  

Listen in to insights that can help you develop your next step. See you at the next class!

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